Mommy’s Holiday Shoes

It’s holiday party time and there are Jimmy Choos out there calling your name. Great shoes are the woman’s gate to happiness. Open that gate and watch the photographers’ cameras flash, watch the red carpet roll out and watch the long locks blow in the OC breeze. From the “Tilda Mirror Wedge Heel” to the “Glenys Leather Sandal”, Jimmy Choos have the look and the feel of complete and dire glamour. All we need is couture covering our tushies and Jimmy Choo shoes to make us forget the tantrums and the puke on our shoulder. For one night, while wearing these Hollywood stars on our feet, we are celebrities. Dance the night away and let them wonder. Let them wonder who you are! They don’t need to know your biggest fans are ages 2 and 5. It’s your night mommy. Ride those heels until the sun comes up!

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