Mommy Confessions

All mommies have some sort of story or confession to share with the world and more than likely someone out there will feel the same way or will have the same type of confession. Throughout this blog you will read some of my mommy confessions and hopefully other great mommy confessions too. I encourage all mommies to write in and share their stories. Here’s the first confession of mine. I hope you enjoy it.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I found out I was having a boy at the first ultra-sound. I was shocked, I thought I was having another girl. The pregnancy was the same as the first. I threw up at the same months and my stomach calmed down at the same months as well. I gained weight in the same months and was moodier than ever during the same months as my first pregnancy. Also don’t forget I already had a baby once and went through this once before so now I am all knowing. I’m a professional and know everything there is to know about babies and pregnancy. Now even I have the power to know what even God has intended for me. Well guess again. As the technician told me I was having a boy. My fear quickly set in. “But I’m a girlie girl, I don’t know anything about boys”, I said. My husband was shaking with joy, tearing up as his dream was coming true. My dream has pink leopard print walls and a baby girl named, ”Lilliana Dior”, and consisted of obnoxious bows and fuchsia and pink satin. My dream was being changed by some technician standing behind a computer computer repairs adelaide holding a wand with gel on it. Who was she? Who was she to change my dream? Suddenly my pink leopard print walls turned into blue paint with blue blankets and a fuzzy blue flokati rug. What the hell happened? My dream turned into a beautiful baby boy. A boy who is cuddly, lovable and sweet. A boy who loves his mommy and kisses her by holding both of her cheeks with his soft, little hands. My daughter never planted one on me like him….God changed my dream. God gave me a son. Change is good. Getting used to the “new”, a “change”, the “different” isn’t so bad. It’s a boy. A boy named Mikhail. God I love him! Once I decided to place my baby for adoption the process became very easy.

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  1. imstillclay

    Oh Shannon! You crack me up…this blog is so YOU!!! Love it and how it reflects your personality. I also appreciated you sharing your “dreams.” There is something special about those little boys! Having a son will melt any mom’s heart. Mine is my cuddle bug and plants many more hugs and kisses on me than my daughter. God is good…He always knows what He is doing and His plan is much better than any plan we have for ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

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