Holiday by Coach

I recently checked out the Coach website and to my amazement they have really spiced things up this time! I started to drift away from Coach because those were the bags I had in College, heck I had a black Coach leather backpack and a black leather handbag to match. All that leather was very heavy especially when the backpack was filled with books and homework, but boy were they hot! Heavy? Back breaking? Yes! But they looked good! Over the last few years, to me Coach was the old and the red and black Pradas with the occasional Michael Kors bags were the new! But now Coach is seriously making me do double takes!

Let’s start off by talking about “The Sabrina”. The Sabrina has a new modern make-over that will make any outfit shine! This amazing accessory comes in patent leather, leather, and a funky leather Ombre design.

But don’t let me forget to mention the very classy OP Art design. The OP Art makes you feel girlie and expressive. This design makes you feel like your already on that big white boat, sipping umbrella drinks in that oh so fabulous bikini being fanned by a very tan and beautiful man that you want to know! Yes this design can do all that, and it comes in many sizes, just pick one, the Julliane, the Clutch, the small Hobo and the Sabrina! Why not buy one of each? You can never have too many vacations!

Next I want to tell you about the Coach Julliane! You can buy the Julliane in leather, leather metallic, and the Resort OP Art(my favorite)! Did I mention I liked the OP Art? Oh yes I did, getting fanned, tanned guy, boat, that’s right! But the Jullianne is practical for glamorous moms too! If you ask me, it’s the most fashionable looking bag for those glamorous moms who still need to carry snacks and diapers where ever they go. The Jullianne is #5 on the Holiday Coach list!

Number seven on the Holiday by Coach list is the Leah! Yes in comes in all the fabrics and designs mentioned above…but it also comes in the Embossed Op Art patent leather! Can you say pink liploss with handles? Oh yes. It reminds me of a lipstick I have named “Farrah” by Lorac, (there lipsticks are named after movie stars and celebrities) with extra gloss on top! This glossy pink handbag is sooo cute and girlie, great for the college girlie girl or of course moms who love pink!

Now to finish the set is the “Wallet”. The wallet is number ten on the Holiday by Coach list. The Madison wallet is only $98 and comes in ten different fabrics and colors to choose from!

Now I only mentioned a few of the Holiday favorites but the Coach website has lots of yummy handbags to look at and there is something there for everybody. Maybe you should check it out and pick something out for your Holiday wish list this year!

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