Beauty Tip of the Week!

Lips dry and cracking? Cold weather got your smile down? Turn your frown upside down with CHAPSTICK! Yes ladies I said it, ChapStick. This high maintenance mom actually has realistic advice once and a while, so here’s one of many. If you have a day, god for bid, where you don’t feel like wearing lipstick or gloss, try the new True Shimmer ChapStick. When the weather is cold, coating your lips with a moisturizer or balm is a big MUST DO! Don’t dare try going outside with a naked lip or you’ll be paying for it the next day! The new True Shimmer formulas treat and coat lips while adding a nice shimmer at the same time. I always have one in my make-up bag for those “not so glam” days. I also think it works well as a first layer before applying your favorite lipstick or gloss. Trust me, either way you use it, you’ll never put it down.

About Shannon Lazovski

Shannon is one of Detroit’s top social media influencers, a fashion leader and a beauty buff who exudes professionalism and knowledge on all three subjects. She is the CEO of The Lazov Agency and the owner of & She loves to promote products and brands she adores and is eager to let all the women out there know, when making the right choices; beauty and confidence go hand in hand. Shannon has been awarded the Elite 40 under 40 award and has been featured on Fox 2 Detroit, WDIV Channel 4, Styleline Magazine and Metro Parent Magazine. When you meet her, ask her about her handbag and shoe collection!

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