Mr. Song Millinery

Whether your looking for a Juliet cap or a Beret trimmed in rhinestones, there is no other place to shop for a beautiful hat in Detroit, other than Mr. Song Millinery!

You may have heard of Detroit’s #1 hat designer and manufacturer Luke Song, after Aretha Franklin’s performance at the historical 2009 Presidential Inauguration this past January.  During her performance, Aretha wore a Luke Song original which made our Detroit’s very own, very well known and respected in the world of hats.  Not only can he say he created Aretha’s one of a kind hat, he can also say his very own creation is on display at the Smithsonian as the Queen of Soul’s hat is being shown there before it takes a more permanent place in Mr. Obama’s library.

Since the inauguration, business is booming and phones have been ringing with hat orders galore proving this is the best place in Detroit to shop for hats!

So if you are in need of a Luke Song creation for church or those fashionable races, stop by Mr. Song Millinery on Woodward, downtown Detroit, you’ll be amazed by their colorful, glitzy creations!

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