Valentine Gifts from Tiffany’s $150 and Under!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m sure many thoughtful and wonderful men are scrummaging around trying to figure out what to buy their sweetheart.

Well guys, this one is for you! Tiffany’s has a hand full of glorious gifts priced at $150 and under that will for sure help you score big points this year! Also, if you hurry now and place your order by noon, Friday, February 13Th, Tiffany’s promises to make a complimentary delivery by Valentine’s day! All the leg work is pretty much done for you! Make sure you think ahead and get a babysitter for Saturday night, I’m sure once the infamous little blue and white package arrives
at your girl’s doorstep, a huge lovey dovey thank you will be coming your way!

Here are our top five gift ideas available at Tiffany’s right now!

1. Return to Tiffany Mini Heart Tag in sterling silver on a gorgeous beaded bracelet. $125

2. Elsa Peretti for Tiffany’s, full heart earrings in sterling silver. $135

3. Twist Knot Earrings. $150

4. Paloma’s Crown of Hearts Ring in Sterling Silver. $135 Also Paloma’s Crown of Hearts Pendant in sterling silver with red enamel finish. $135

5. Tiffany Notes letter Pendant in sterling silver. Letters A-Z are available! $150

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