Chocolate Scented Makeup

Chocolate always makes us mommies feel good. It doesn’t matter the time or the place, we are always in the mood for smooth, creamy, chocolate, that makes our hearts go pitter patter! I actually haven’t met a woman who doesn’t like chocolate and we all need it now and then don’t we girls? But, if you are a mommy who is trying to watch your figure, your figure get smaller that is, than skip the chocolate fudge and head to your nearest department store and buy make up instead. I’m not suggesting any kind of makeup, I’m suggesting chocolate scented makeup. Yes there are certain powders and glosses out there that smell like your favorite dessert, and yet, they may even make you feel like a million bucks at the same time. Maybe, just maybe, you can satisfy the urge with the scent instead of the actual gallon smothered with peanuts and syrup. I mean, I’m sure you would never cheat on your diet, I’m only speaking hypothetically!

Everyone needs a bronzing powder and Sephora carries a Two Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzing powder for $28 that adds just enough chocolate scent to your face, it will make any man want to lick it off. Okay, not so much, but it will give you that beautiful glow to at least make him look twice, (and yes ladies, we always want them to take a second look!)

Victoria’s Secret makes a cute little tube of lipstick for just $12 called Malibu, it shimmers sexiness and smells like it just came out of the wrapper. This shade is great for any skin tone, it’s a must smell, I mean must try!

If you prefer lip gloss instead of lipstick, go ahead and check out Lorac Mocktail flavored lip gloss in Caffeini Martini. This gloss is just $18 and adds just enough gloss to that perfect pout, you won’t want to stop looking in the mirror! Urban decay also makes a chocolaty smelling gloss called XXX Slick Pot Gloss in scented Cocoa. It takes hot lips to a whole new level with a never-before-seen glide and a sexy soft sheen.

So yes, scented makeup is fun and there are many great finds out there like Makeup Organiser. Take a look around and try some for yourself. It’s the only time you won’t feel guilty diggin in!

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