Victoria’s Secret Spring Collection

Spring is just around the corner and many of us have spring fever! If your a mommy like me, you may have already taken note on the Spring fashions, and may even have purchased some sexy casuals hoping that great purchase will make warmer weather arrive sooner. In the last week, many of our fellow beauties have received Victoria’s Secret Spring Casual 2009 Catalog and the Spring 2009 Shoe and Accessories Catalog.

The Spring Casual Catalog, screams “girlie feminine” with it’s beautiful light and flowey fabrics, ruffles and floral prints. Girls if you haven’t been a fan of Victoria’s Secret clothing in the past, you will be this Spring!

My personal favorite is the maxi dress. Bebe had a handful of these delightful creations last year and it seems many designers have caught on to make their own this year! Victoria’s Secret has quite a few maxi dresses this season, whether worn with gladiator sandals or a pair of hot espadrilles, these combos will make you feel yummy all over! The Spring catalog displays a beautiful floral print strapless chiffon dress, a crochet trim/strap dress, bra top dresses and long flowing smocked maxi dresses that comes in ten colors either solids or prints. Be sure to order at least one of these to add to your wardrobe this year. Dresses are feminine and pretty and men like feminine and pretty trust me! Besides, Maxi dresses and sundresses can be worn to any event such as beach parties, birthday parties, picnics or even a night out with the girls!

In the Spring 2009 Shoes and Accessories Catalog, the wide variety of platform shoes took my breath away! When your not wearing gladiator sandals you should be wearing sculpted high heeled sandals and platform wedges. This season sculpted heels are hot! These heels are like walking on art, where ever you go, you’ll have an audience!

If you crave more of a traditional heel, a platform sandal with a cone heel, wedge heel or a chunky, fuller heel will do the job! You won’t be seeing many stilettos this year. The fatter the heel the better and the more straps and braided leather the hotter. Designers like Miss Sixty, DKNY, Nine West and Jessica Simpson fill the pages with their Spring designs. My problem is, I can’t decide on just one pair, so looks like I will have to buy two pair for now…then two in March, two in April and so on!!!

Okay, okay, I know there are many of you that think I’m crazy for chasing kids in high heels (yes I wear heels to the park), so if you need flat advice, buy a pair of decorative flats. Quite a few of these handsome devils can also be found in the Shoes and Accessories Catalog. This year when choosing your flats just makes sure they have a decorative flair, such as braided leather, multicolor patchwork and/or extra straps to make your flat feet glamorous!

Spring fashions are out to make you and I look beautiful and girlie this season. Find the inner celebrity in you and buy some of these pretty items mentioned above! Not only can Spring bring new baby animals, new garden blooms, Spring can also bring femininity to the new YOU!

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