Empower Each Other!

I tried something new the other day while shopping in the mall. Every woman who walked by and made eye contact with me I gave them a simple “hello”. Go ahead and smirk but if you try this, you will be amazed at the positive energy you will feel around you and the amount of smiles and “hello’s” you receive back!

Woman are too busy being competitive with one another. We should work together to bring each other up and empower each other instead of being eager to tear each other down and throw our internal anger at one another.

Now at this point, I’m not talking about empowering enemies, that’s a whole different article. I’m talking about woman you currently know, barley know, and don’t know. Go ahead and try it one day. Walk through the mall and say hello to everyone woman that notices you. Many of us go through hard times, maybe the first lady you say hi to is going through the same pain you are. Did you ever think the lady that cuts in line is in a hurry because she’s really thinking of her mom in the hospital or her sick child at home. Nine times out of ten she’s not looking to hurt or upset you. Most likely her decision to cut in line has nothing to do with you!

Instead of taking other’s wrong doings so personal, give someone a break and say hello to them or let them take cuts in the same line you have been standing in for 20minutes. It’s okay. The karma will reward you and you may make a friend. Better yet, it may be the best break that person has had all day.

Once you walk through the mall, let about five other women hear your greeting and then notice how your own positivity makes you feel. Notice probably every woman you say hello to will say hello back and greet you with a smile too.

In the past I used to give a polite smile and look down when a strange woman would notice me. I looked down out of politness, to give them space and respect. But now I have two children that look to me to teach them how to be happy, friendly, and successful citizens one day, and I believe it starts with teaching them how to keep a positive attitude and look for the “good” instead of the “bad” among their peers and themselves. I enjoyed my experience that day in the mall. I found my true colors. I realized the happiness and positivity I felt, is more what I stand for than anything else. I want the happiness and the empowerment in my life. If you look deep inside you, you’ll realize that’s what you want too!

Goodness in the world can only come from us being good. Goodness won’t just come to us, we have to go out there and get it! Go ahead find the goodness moms! Say hi to your neighbors! Do it for your children. Do it for yourself! You never know what kind of friendships may start, what job opportunities may knock on your door, or life changing events that could happen just by walking through the mall saying “hello” to your fellow mommy citizens.

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