Beauty Tip of the Week!

Many of us have the classic short nails, trimmed so perfectly with the light pink or skin tone polish to top them off. After all, this is the latest trend in a clean perfect manicure. This looks best in photos and is universally glamorous.

But what about the ladies that get acrylic nails to give their hands a more finished look. Acrylic nails do look best on the shorter side with the french manicure or skin tone polish as well. This is a very finished look as well and also leads to less maintenance (you only have to get them filled every two weeks) for mommies who just don’t have the time to get weekly manicures.

If you are an acrylic tip wearer, watch out for signs of an allergic reaction. Believe it or not a lot of woman are allergic to acrylic nails leaving them no choice but to go natural. Approximately three to four hours after acrylics are applied a stinging and tremendous itching sensation covers the nail beds, finger tips and cuticles leaving no relief. Cuticles become swollen, and the skin underneath the nail starts to lift and pull away from the nail bed and then peel. If you insist on getting the nails filled and keep the acrylics on, the nails could naturally pull away from your nail and may not reattach or worse the acrylic could enter your blood stream. Either way, once any of these symptoms start occurring it’s best to get the nails taken off.

My research has shown that one application for a wedding or special occasion isn’t enough to cause permanent damage as long as the nails are taken off after that special day. It’s the consistant fill-ins that suffocate the nail not allowing them to breathe and escape the acrylates.

So yes, us women have many obstacles when wanting to look beautiful don’t we? In this case though, it pays to be natural!

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