Bobbi Brown on the Today Show!

This morning on the Today Show, Bobbi Brown took a nice looking lady and made her even more glamorous in just two minutes and only five products! Her “beauty basics for less” demonstration was quick and flawless. This is very easy to learn ladies! Definitely a stunt you must try at home!

Step 1

On a clean face with only eye cream applied on eyes, apply concealer under
the eye.

Step 2

Apply Bobbi’s 3 in 1 tinted moisturizer/SPF/foundation to skin.
This foundation gives excellent coverage while evening out skin at the same
time making your skin look flawless.

Step 3

Apply a 2 in 1 cheek and lip rouge in a pretty rose hue. Rose looks best
on anyone and sharing the color with both cheeks and lips gives your face a
very natural glow without looking too done up.

Step 4

Apply a pencil eyeliner on top lid to bring the eyes “up” making them look

Step 5

Apply a very black black mascara on top lashes

There you have it ladies! Five simple steps from Bobbi Brown to help you become a prettier you!

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