Can Glamorous Moms Wear Crocs?

Often enough moms try to look glam but sometimes too much glam is unrealistic when you have two kids to chase and a day load of important stuff to do! For instance, on the days you have to take the kids to the pool, the zoo and then grocery store on the way home, high heels are the last thing you need! Yes, all this has been done in one day and by experience let me tell you, on those days, I’m cussing out Jimmy Choo all the way home!

It seems reality has set in for this “Glamorous Mom” and I found a comfy set of heels that help me float in my flooded back yard and still let me stay grounded while walking on the wet, slippery, tile floor at the pool, during swimming lessons. Have you heard of Crocs? I know, I used to throw up in my mouth too when I heard that name, but swallow that nasty bile and listen….closely!

Crocs have come a long way and these shoes are more than just over sized rubber bubbles that look ridiculously huge. Let me share a few styles with you to show you what I mean. Keep in mind, these styles are cute but they are also designed to be comfy!

These Ginger Crocs are comfortable for our Glamorous doctor, dentist or waitress moms who like to strut their stuff and have happy feet at the same time. The ergonomic footbed softens the load on the feet, legs and back and the rubber nubs inside the shoe, help stimulate blood flow. This is exactly what working moms need on their feet.

The Straight Up Croc is a modern and fancy twist to comfort and style. If your a mom who needs comfy but wants trendy, this Mary Jane is for you. The Straight Up is made with a soft lambswool upper cushion, a scrunched leather strap and three inch heels that will make a statement at any barbecue. Don’t let the three inches scare you, it’s three inches of comfort, don’t forget that!

The Cyprus Crocs are the first Croc “High Heels” and yes I have a pair! I never opened my mind or my eyes to this brand until I saw these! Even though these are three inch heels, this design brings you nothing but comfort. While trucking the cooler, beach bag and stroller through the deep beach sand, you can still look fab wearing these cool slip on shoes. The footbed conforms to your foot for comfort and again, the rubber nubs inside the shoe help stimulate blood flow. I love these and think you will too! Just seven colors to choose from, I say get one of each to match each bathing suit!

The Clog, well, I am lost for words, but my kids love them and still plan on wearing them this year. Just please, if your kids have them, pay attention to where they are wearing them. These are not made for protection, only comfort. There have been cases where children have gotten their foot caught in the mall escalators, and by no protection of the shoe, toes have been severed from the feet of many youngsters who never saw the pain coming. So please moms, save these neat kid, trendy shoes for the beach and the backyard. If you must take your kids shopping or to run errands, take the time to change their shoes before you leave. Notice I said “THEIR” shoes.

Moving on to the next “Mommy Shoe”. The Audrey Croc is too damn cute, accessorized with an obnoxious bow, giving you every reason to show off your Bermuda shorts at the Zoo! Let’s face it, Jimmy Choo’s are awesome and they look great too but they don’t look great on the dirt kangaroo trail at the Zoo. Just look at the bow, TOO CUTE!!! These come in five different colors with an opposite colored ribbon to make your feet stand out.

As you can see, Crocs are looking out for moms who want to be Glamorous and comfortable at the same time. It seems they have taken the time to design everything we need in a shoe during our entertain, play and chase our kids years. They are looking out for us, seriously. Each shoe is designed with a Croslite technology which means they are all made with the following seals of love: 1). They are recyclable. They are recycled exclusivley through the solesUnited program. 2). They contain circulation nubs that stimulate blood flow, 3). Crocs are ergonomic, they have been tested and are proven to reduce muscle fatigue, 4). They are easy to clean! All you need is soap and water and a little air to dry! 5). All Crocs are extremely lightweight and 6). All Crocs are odor and bacteria resistant!!!

So yes moms can wear Crocs and be Glamorous! I think they have for a while and now we are going to join them right? Right!

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