Repair your designer handbag!

Sometimes we have a hard time parting with materialistic pieces with special meaning to us. Whether it’s Great Grandma’s locket or your first borns receiving blanket from the hospital, material items can mean a lot to a girl!

But what about that worn in, beat up Louis Vuitton in your closet that resembles your first boyfriends bomber jacket from the 90’s that you insisted on wearing? You know the one with worn out handles and ripped seams that you refuse to get rid of?

Well I must admit, I am impressed with the fact that your still holding on to it, and kudos to you for respecting the Louis! Now let’s respect it a little more and clean it up, buff it out and resew the seams to make it look new again!

There is a company called Bag, Borrow or Steal that will refurbish your designer handbag! That’s right, they will give your bag a thorough interior/exterior cleaning, provide scratch repair and color touch ups, refinish handles, straps and hardware and polish your beautiful bag like you’ve never seen! There are three refurbishment packages to choose from such as the basic package for $45, standard for $99 and premium for $175 and if your not sure which package is right for your sweet little Louis or sassy Chanel bag, just send them your bag and they will assess the damage and then contact you with a free estimate.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, this site also rents out the hottest bags in town, so if your in need of a hot bag to impress the bald guys at the reunion, oh… I mean, their hot competitive wives, you can rent a Prada or Balenciaga for your pure and affordable enjoyment!

(photo above from Bag Borrow or Steal-Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Speedy Roses Handbag, available now for rent)

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