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Teava_LogoToday’s modern mom has limited time and a limited budget, yet still wants to make the healthiest choice for herself and her family. The potential harmful effects of artificial skincare ingredients are becoming more and more of a concern. Savvy moms are turning to natural skincare products to protect themselves and their families. In addition to the eco-friendly and healthy benefits of choosing natural skincare products, some natural ingredients have an added benefit of containing multiple beneficial parts meaning one product can do more than just one function. One such ingredient is TEA! Teava Skincare Creator, Miriam Kleinman delved deep into the science of this amazing plant to create a skincare line that uses the unique benefits of tea to treat multiple skincare concerns and prevent aging.

Every woman wants beautiful, youthful skin and every woman knows that in order to maintain a perfect complexion she needs an effective skincare regimen. Finding the time and money to invest in a skincare regimen may seem like a daunting task for those moms who find it difficult to even shower! Any task that can be condensed and performed efficiently is a welcomed solution for a busy mom, this includes her skincare. Many women have to choose between treating their skin condition or focus on anti-aging skincare. Those that want both find that their skincare regimen becomes lengthy and expensive as they have to apply multiple creams and ointments to address all of their concerns. Teava Skincare has addressed this problem by creating products that use the power of tea to effectively treat both skincare issues and the aging process. Instead of investing money into multiple jars for multiple issues, address them with just one. This also shortens the amount of time spent performing the skincare ritual, saving precious time.

Miriam developed three skincare collections to treat the three main skin issues of acne, tired and dry skin. The Clarity Collection tames adult acne and oily skin using the antibacterial properties of white tea and tea tree oil. The Radiance Collection restores the glow to dull, uneven and tired-looking skin with the natural alpha hydroxy acids of fruit and rooibos tea. The Hydration Collection leaves the skin ultra moisturized and is gentle for even the most sensitive skin types by using the benefits of rooibos and honeybush tea. It is ideal for moms suffering from dry skin or rosacea. Every individual product was formulated to act with the biology of the skin using the science of tea. Along with the skin treatment benefits, tea is also packed with antioxidants that have been scientifically proven to treat and prevent the signs of aging.

Teava Skincare (www.myteava.com) provides consumers with advanced natural skincare that targets the skin issues of acne, dull or dry/ sensitive skin.

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