Cynthia LaMaide is coming to Fashion in Detroit

cynthia_lamaideA great designer from Rochester, Michigan, will be gracing the Detroit runway this fall for Fashion in Detroit, and it’s none other than, Cynthia LaMaide! Cynthia has experience making costumes for movies and has dressed super models with her feminine creations. 

She is known for hand sewing fabrics “just so” to fit a woman’s body beautifully, allowing the individuality of the woman wearing her creation shine delicately, leaving her feel lady like and feminine.

One thought on “Cynthia LaMaide is coming to Fashion in Detroit

  1. I am so excited to hear that this designer is a part of “Fashion in Detroit” – not only is she one of my favorite designers but I can also say I am a proud owner of several Cynthia LaMaide pieces! Beautifull designs of fabrics come together with inspired knits hand made by Cynthia herself! I feel like I can be transformed from royalty to a rock star wearing her creations – the pieces are so versatile, simply flowing with elegance or add a piece like a fitted shirt to bring out the vixen in you! I love wearing them so many different ways!! Knowing she toured & designed for Lenny Kravitz brings me one step closer to rock status without the paparazzi!! Touche to Cynthia!! Thanks for bringing out my feminine elegance and my rock-star wanna be status!! Going to the “Fashion in Detroit” event to see her & her new line!!!

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