Who is the originator of Fashion in Detroit?

joe farisA top six contestant on the show Project Runway and a Michigan native, Joe Faris is the originator of Fashion in Detroit! The Fashion in Detroit team has announced Joe as not only the originator but also another great designer that will grace the runway with his designs at the Detroit Zoo this fall.

Joe was a student at the Parsons School of Design and has worked for Bugle Boy, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, Perry Ellis and Pelle Pelle. He was the founder of Faris Ltd., the founder of Red Fly and is now the Senior Designer for Schott NYC.

As you can see, Joe has a great amount of experience in the fashion industry and he is well respected. Joe is a husband and a father who is also a passionate designer who is getting the recognition he deserves. From ink slinged denim, to sexy hot leather, Joe knows his stuff and is following his dream. He’s a true inspiration to aspiring designers across the country and will be showing Detroit what he is made of at Fashion in Detroit!

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