Schott N.Y.C. brings the American dream to FID

Perfecto label/

Schott N.Y.C. is an all American company that has been around since 1913.  The Schott brothers started out making raincoats in their Manhattan basement and allowed street peddlers to sell them from door to door.

Word quickly traveled and the Schott brothers found themselves creating the first zippered jacket and the first motorcycle jacket that retailed at just $5.50! 

The “Perfecto” jackets were durable and tough and were liked by many.  When WWII hit, Irvine Schott designed the “bomber jacket” to protect our great Americans in the air, while flying over Europe and the Pacific Ocean. After the bomber jacket was invented,  they made jackets for the military for nearly 60 years thereafter.

True to the USA and their dream of making leather and wool jackets, Schott N.Y.C is full of red, white and blue culture and spirit.  If you don’t have a Schott N.Y.C jacket, get one, or buy one for a loved one.  Their jackets are a real treat and apart of our countries history!  From WWII soldiers to Marlon Brando, (who wore the Perfecto jackets with pride), it’s no secret, Americans throughout the years have allowed and helped this company make it what it is today!

Fashion in Detroit is bringing Schott N.Y.C. to their hot and busy runway this fall, and Detroit fashion goers will be first in line to see a great company, showcase their great designs!  Welcome to Detroit Schott N.Y.C.!

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