Kevan Hall is coming to Fashion in Detroit

kevin hallDetroit’s very own, Kevan Hall will be showing off his designs at Fashion in Detroit! If you plan to attend the show this year, your in for a real treat!

A former student of Cass Tech High School and a former student of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, this designer has a history of excellent training and a lifetime of heart filled devotion to his passion for designing.

Kevan has won many awards including the Peacock Award for “Outstanding Fashion and Design” from the Fashion Institute and the “Great American Designer” award by the NAACP. He also won the 47th Annual Gold Coast Fashion Award as “Designer of the Year” and was named “Style maker of the Year” by Life & Style Magazine.

Celebrities have shined gracefully wearing Kevan’s designs to red carpet ceremonies, award shows and Hollywood events for years. Glamorous and respectable actresses like Virginia Madsen, Vanessa Williams, Christina Ricci and Katherine Heigl, all have worn designs by Kevan Hall.

Now that he is coming to Detroit, we too can be graced by not only his fashionable presence but his remarkable clothes that are known to make women feel glamorous!

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