Perez speaks about Fashion in Detroit

Fashion Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 CelebritiesYou know Fashion in Detroit must be a big deal when Perez Hilton blogs about the big event.  Unfortunately though, Perez gave the wrong information advising his readers a day ticket for the FID show is $2,500 when the tickets are really $75 for the day, which includes a goody bag, a look book and a 6 designer fashion show! 

On Coco Perez, Perez Hilton’s website, Perez also names Betsey Johnson and Kid Rock, as designers who will show their designs, in two weeks, at the FID event.  Perez was quick to advise his readers Detroit is ranked #1 as the most dangerous city by Forbes Magazine and made a dig against Kid Rock asking his readers “when did he become high end?”

Well Perez, we cordially invite you to Fashion in Detroit to see our “high end fashion show”. That’s if your not to scared to visit the city that was named the #1 most dangerous city.  Here in Detroit we respect Kid Rock like we do Betsey Johnson and we have great looking women, high end fashion and phenomenal designers and boutiques alike making a fashionable name for Detroit! I’m sure during the five hours of the show, you’ll enjoy yourself and will be surrounded by beautiful people who know a thing or two about fashion, and you may make a best friend as, Detroit, has some wonderful and classy people who may just knock your socks off!

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Shannon is one of Detroit’s top social media influencers, a fashion leader and a beauty buff who exudes professionalism and knowledge on all three subjects. She is the CEO of The Lazov Agency and the owner of & She loves to promote products and brands she adores and is eager to let all the women out there know, when making the right choices; beauty and confidence go hand in hand. Shannon has been awarded the Elite 40 under 40 award and has been featured on Fox 2 Detroit, WDIV Channel 4, Styleline Magazine and Metro Parent Magazine. When you meet her, ask her about her handbag and shoe collection!

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