Lindsay Lohan for Emanuel Ungaro

Fashion Ungaro Lohan
AP Photo/Emanuel Ungaro

Rumors have been flying about Lindsay Lohan and Emanuel Ungaro.  Some have been claiming she will be modeling for the upcoming ads for Emanuel Ungaro when actually, she will be too busy with her new responsibilities as “artistic director” to pose for any Ungaro ad.

Approximately two months ago, Estaban Cortazar stepped down as head designer of Emanuel Ungaro over disagreements regarding the brands professional direction.  He was replaced with a 35 year old designer named Estrella Archs who will now work under Lindsay Lohan.  In retrospect, did Estaban step down because he cared about the brand? Or, was it a fast move to avoid working under a well known celebrity that is known for partying and ruffling a few feathers?  I guess we will never know.

Estrella and Lindsay will be showing Ungaro’s Spring 2010 collection at Paris Fashion Week this October. Hopefully this dramatic change will only boost sales and not hurt them. As we all know, the fashion industry loves drama just like our celebrities do.

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