Joe Faris talks about the next FID


Joe Faris took time out to speak to us here at Glamorous Moms on Friday and he let us in on a few juicy secrets on what’s next for Fashion in Detroit!

While working on a new season and fulfilling his title as head designer for Schott N.Y.C. and commuting back and forth between New York and Detroit, Joe has been very busy but remains fervid on the FID Spring show. 

Although the dates haven’t been released yet on when the next round of Fashion in Detroit will take place, Joe advised us the event will again take place at the Detroit Zoo and the executive team will have more in store for those planning to attend.

On October 1st and 2nd, the first  FID show had  20 – 30 minute breaks in between designers giving models the chance to change clothes and change make-up and hair styles for the next designer but leaving the audience members looking for something to do.  Some enjoyed not having to walk from tent to tent in the nasty weather while others questioned the break.

  This set up and the scheduled breaks resembles New York fashion week, as the event takes place among three tents at Bryant Park leaving 20 to 30 minutes between designers.  This break allows the press and spectators to walk from one tent to the next to watch back to back shows.

Joe advised us, the FID executive team has been discussing a few great ideas on how to make the breaks go by faster and be more enjoyable for everyone.  Back stage, the models will be busy with clothing changes while Figo Salon and other supporting hair salons change their make-up and hair for the next show and spectators may possibly enjoy hand massages, mini make-overs and spritzers to help pass the time while they wait.  Even though the plans haven’t yet been finalized and the team still has time to come up with more ideas, these plans seem to fit the occasion much more.

When asked if the same designers will be coming back in the Spring, Joe informed us that most of them will be, along with a few new designers too.  This will allow them to set the time a tad earlier in the day and add a few more models to the line up. He also mentioned the team is considering having the show on a Friday and Saturday as opposed to a  Thursday and Friday, giving one day to the trade and one day to the general public.

Stay tuned for more Fashion in Detroit updates.  The new show dates will be announced sometime in November and one month out from those, will start the designer announcements.  We’ll keep you posted on this fashionable event so you don’t miss a thing!

We thank Joe Faris for taking time out of his busy schedule to share some fun info with us!  Combining his drive and dedication along with the talented minds of the FID executive committee, we’re sure the next show at the Detroit Zoo will be one you won’t want to miss.


Photo by Beba Drakulovic

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