Unity Studios moving forward

October 22, 2009
Unity Studios Moving Forward

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — The following statement is from Jimmy Lifton, president, Unity Studios. Lifton is commenting on a news story expected to air tonight on WDIV-TV based on an ambush interview conducted yesterday with representatives of Unity Studios. We believe the story is likely to create the impression that Unity Studios is not moving forward or is somehow facing significant difficulties. That is simply false.

Unity Studios is moving forward. It is important however, for us to acknowledge that certain project milestones have been slow to reach its desired goal due to many factors out of our control.

This project, one that requires significant financing and government approvals, has been hampered by the depression engulfing our economy. In addition, the negative perceptions created by some politicians in Lansing who threatened to reduce or eliminate Michigan’s best-in-the-nation film tax credits have slowed down all the state’s studio projects.

Even with these hurdles, Unity is moving forward. The Lifton Institute for Media Skills begins its first classes next week, despite the hardships imposed by the State running out of funds for job training. The construction process for the film stages, production services and post-production suites, all within the walls of its 600,000 square foot production building, has begun. The firm of Burton Share Management has been selected by Unity Studios as General Contractor for studio construction activities. Hobbs and Black out of Ann Arbor has been brought on as Architect for Unity. Movie projects have been slated and begin pre-production next month.

If Unity Studios has created public expectations we have not met based on those announced deadlines, we apologize. However again, Unity Studios is moving forward and any news story that creates a contrary impression is simply false.

We are proud to be moving forward, and doing it in Allen Park, Michigan.

We look forward to making important announcements in the coming weeks and months.

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