Deserving M.O.M.

 FID Day 2 016
Glamorous Moms is looking for fantastic Moms who deserve recognition for their complete devotion, dedication and love to their children and families.

If you have a sister, mother, friend, neighbor, aunt, daughter, cousin etc. in the Metro Detroit area, that is a loving mother who deserves recognition for her hard work and outstanding devotion, please send a picture and her story to [email protected] (M.O.M. in the subject line) to enter them into the’s M.O.M. (Mom of the Month) project.

One lucky Mom each month will have their story and picture featured on and will win  fabulous prizes from  Detroit merchants including some of our best salons and spas!

Who deserves to feel good about themselves? Who deserves recognition and appreciation? Who deserves motivation and support when times have been hard? If you know someone, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] with the word M.O.M. in the subject line!


Our Glamorous Moms staff is working hard to spread a positive word about fashionable businesses and stylish people of Metro Detroit!  In addition, Glamorous Moms would like to  acknowledge hard working, well loved, warm hearted, incredibly giving and well deserving Moms!
If you are a business owner or someone who would like to participate by donating products or services for our Mom of the Month program while… receiving business recognition at the same time on, Please let us know.
Photo by S. Lazovski – Glamorous Mom Nicole Carte and daughter Aminah Evans enjoying Fashion in Detroit

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