November Mom of the Month

Jen Rock with her son Isaac and daughter Isabel

Congratulations to Jennifer Allen of Marysville.  Jennifer is our November Mom of the Month!

Please read the submission letter below, submitted by her mom, Sandy Rock.  Through all the hardships and obstacles Jennifer Allen has endured, we would like to thank her for staying positive and continuing to move ahead with a vibrant outlook on life. She is a great example of a Glamorous Mom and we salute her motivation and drive to be a positive role model for her friends and family!

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I admire my daughter because she has been through so many hard times in her young 31 years of age.   By age eight, she had watched and participated in the burial of her very favorite grandparents.  Unfortunately she was alone with her grandfather when he fell to the floor dying of a heart attack.  Then four years later after many months of struggle, her grandmother finally passed after Jen and her brother, Matt, came to the hospital to say goodbye.  Many children never experience death at such a young age, but mine did.  

During high school Jen strived for a good education.  A young man came into her life and she finally married her high school sweetheart while in college.  They had such a beautiful wedding.  She was a beautiful bride and they were such a beautiful couple!  Jen worked very hard in the first years of her marriage to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and landed her first job and only job at Anchor Bay School District.   

The birth of Jen’s daughter, Isabel was such a blessing and as I looked at that very little being, I saw again, the same little girl that was born many years before.   Jen then decided to get her Master’s degree and worked long hours doing assignments, taking care of the home and making sure the laundry was completed prior to leaving for work.  All the things that encompass the word, MOM!   

Three years later a bouncing beautiful baby boy, Isaac was born!  One month later a young high school student ran a red light and luckily Jen was able to get her foot on the brake and avoid him hitting her…she hit him.  While walking to the curb she noticed that her foot was not right.  She ended up with five fractures in her foot.  How would one care for a month old baby, a three year old, a house…all the while being on crutches?  After the healing process was completed she was carrying the baby up the stairs and her foot failed.  Both of them tumbled down the stairs and she was able to cradle the baby so he did not sustain any injuries… some of the bones separated.  Back to square one.   

When Isaac was a mere eight months old his father, Jen’s high school sweetheart and husband, left, and the marriage was over.  Watching ones child in so much pain, is one of the most difficult things a parent can do.  But one preservers and goes on.    

Jens main focus now was on her family!   Soon a young man came into Jen’s life.  Scott showed Jen that she could be loved again and she helped Scott to find his way back to the Lord.  A sad surprise, one Saturday morning in May, Scott passed away in Jen’s bathroom, from a massive heart attack at age 31.

The pain in her heart was so devastating, but again, she rebounded and put on her makeup every morning, made lunches for the kids, and then continued to work full time for her family.   

Since then, I began seeing a smile come across Jen’s face.  She had finally found someone who knew what being a family meant.  His name was Blair and he had a son too.  Jen and Blair have recently become a couple and it is a beautiful sight to see all of them together.   

When Jen’s daughter Isabel was only a baby she was diagnosed with one side of her body larger than the other side.  Isabel has to have ultrasounds every three months to rule out cancerous tumors in her abominable area.  Both Jen and Isabel have been troupers through all of this, and so far, Isabel has passed all medical testing with flying colors.   

When Jen was in high school she suffered from headaches and through testing, it was found that she has a pituitary tumor.  The doctors have found that the tumor has grown, and she may need to endure radiation treatments to shrink the inoperable benign growth. 

Jen no longer sits around and wonders “Why?”   She still has a positive attitude and has learned to deal with these obstacles. She is still moving forward with a smile on her face and is taking care of herself and her family because that is simply what she needs to do.

 I am so pleased to say that Jennifer Pearl Allen is my daughter.  

Sandy Rock

Mother of Jennifer Pearl Allen


We here at Glamorous Moms would like to thank Voula Isakov and Andrew Marke Salon for their generosity and participation.

If you know a Mom who could use our support and appreciation and would  like to submit her info for our Mom of the Month (M.O.M) program,  please send the deserving Mom’s photo and her bio to [email protected] with the word MOM in the subject line.

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  1. This was so beautifully written….though I do not know Jen personally, through this letter I was able to see and feel the wonderful, strong and enduring person that she is. Bless her heart for the strength and passion for life that she has.


  2. Congratulations Jen. MO.M.
    I have known this young lady for many years, she is a very sweet and beautiful Young Lady and very deserving of The Glamorous Mom of the Month. Way to go Jen.

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