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The December issue of Glamour Magazine really made me stop to think when I read their  “31 Days of Giving” .  As women, our younger years may have been filled with immaturity and caddy competitiveness, but as we grow and mature we must realize, women helping women is the only way to survive.

The Holidays are coming and Glamour shared many ideas with their readers on how we can help other women that are less fortunate than us.  I feel a sense of urgency to share these ideas with you! 

As we soon will get lost in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday craze, let’s take the time to help someone that doesn’t quite have life as great as we do.  It’s the least we can do.

Here are a few great ways for our Glamorous readers to help other women throughout the Holidays and throughout the year.

  • If your a bride to be, you can turn your wedding into a glamorous charitable event!  idofoundation.org allows you to link your bridal registry to your favorite cause.  Each time a guest on your invite list makes a purchase from your registry, the retailer will make a donation to your cause.
  • If you like to knit, send your beautiful handmade squares to warmupamerica.org.  All squares collected will be made into afghans and given to women in need, at battered women’s shelters.
  • If you have an extra $30, donate your $30 to madre.org.  Your $30 can buy a cell phone for rural Afghan women who need to make a life saving call if threatened by violence.
  • If you would like to give a woman an opportunity to succeed, donate to worldvisionmicro.org to make a microloan to help the many women in  developing countries  start their own small business.
  • Donate just $47, to imcworldwide.org, to help provide medical and mental health care to female refugees who have suffered sexual violence.
  • Some victims of Hurricane Katrina are still suffering even though we don’t hear about it on the news anymore.  Help the young Hurricane Katrina female victims stay in sports by giving to the Robin Roberts’ GoGirlGo Fund.  Donations and more info at womenssportsfoundation.org

These  are only a few ways we can help other women in our world.  As you can see, women all around the world need our help and  support.  Take the time to let this sink in and make a decision to help.

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