IMU, Inc. “Divided”


IMU is a newly-launched apparel company that is committed to helping youth and building stronger communities. IMU CEO David Merritt is all about spreading positivity and making a change in our Detroit communities.

The IMU collection is running a special promotion on their latest collection called Divided. Divided symbolizes  “As individuals we stand independent, unique, and distinctive. However, it’s as a cohesive unit, when individuals unite that we are strongest. United we stand, divided we fall. – Ubuntu”.

The “Divided”  tee shirt, is on sale now for just $28!

IMU recently launched a documentary covering Detroit’s opinion on the political process and the election from the scope of our youth. The short video is centered around the political opinions of the best and brightest high school students from our city.  

Photo by Steve Ragland

 Click on the link below to view IMU’s efforts to make a change by bonding Detroit’s youth.


I Miss You, Inc.

When David Merritt envisioned his new company, I Miss You, Inc. he knew it had to be something special, something that made the world a better place. More than a T-shirt company, IMU is built on David’s mission of spreading happiness. Community service is an integral part of his company’s purpose. IMU employees have committed to giving 8-10 hours of community service a month. Customers are given discounts on future purchases for donating at least an hour to help better their communities.

Visit IMU’s site below to purchase your “Divided” tee-shirt and show your support. 
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