Marlaina Stone makes the parade

Alissa CzisnyMarlaina Stone had the crowd buzzing at the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade.   The reigning U.S. National Women’s Figure Skating Champion, Alissa Czisny, was a guest in the parade and so was the very beautiful Marlaina Stone necklace, she wore. The necklace was so beautiful, we can’t quit remember what the parade float, carrying Alissa,  looked like!

Royal Oak’s very own Marlaina Stone, has been working with the U.S. Figure Skating Team on creating a specific custom cuff bracelet taken from Marlaina’s first lower priced collection called Second Verse.

Congratulations Marlaina Stone and thank you Alissa, of the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills, for making an appearance in our Thanksgiving Day Parade!


Photo – U.S. Figure Skaters Alissa Czisny and Jane Summersett with their Glamorous Moms, all wearing Marlaina Stone

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