Cry Detroit

Sindu 237Cry Detroit,  is an organization filled with enthusiastic volunteers concerned and motivated to help underprivileged children.  Their Bells of Hope event last night was a success but was it enough?

When it comes to underprivileged children, especially those who endure violence and neglect, when is enough, enough?  Will the violence ever stop?  That’ a tough question and one that has been around from decade to decade. 

Cry Detroit has the right group mindset and a great amount of support behind one theory,  “A time will come, when every child’s dream will be realized.”

Cry Detroit and the Laasya School of Indian Dance came together last night at the community center in Troy, and provided an artistic, cultural dance recital in honor of underprivileged children.  All of the proceeds from the  event went towards CRY and their efforts.

If you would like to learn more about CRY Detroit and how you can become more involved, visit  There are children who need people like you!

From Cry Detroit:

We believe that children are citizens in their own right, entitled to the full spectrum of human rights. We look at children’s issues holistically and work towards creating long-term, sustainable change by focusing on the underlying root causes that keep children hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. We believe that the solutions to issues that affect children lie not just in direct interventions with the child but beyond as well – in the child’s immediate environment and the community in which they live. Therefore, our focus is on direct action with children, community mobilization efforts and activities towards bringing about sustainable change in their lives.

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