January Mom of the Month!

molly_macdonaldCongratulations to breast cancer survivor, Molly MacDonald! She is our January Mom of the Month!

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We have received three submission letters on Molly’s behalf and can’t wait to share her story with you! When we called to congratulate her, she wanted to share her story with you too.  In Molly’s words, here is her story in a just a few lines.



For fifteen years of my adult life, I led what most people would assume a glamorous life.  Mother of five beautiful children, all attending private schools, living in a big beautiful Bloomfield Hills home.   

Until one day when I drove up my driveway and saw something tacked to our front door.  It was a foreclosure notice indicating our home was to be auctioned in thirty days.  I later learned that all our financial assets had been liquidated in the pursuit of a business, deal and we were in fact broke and soon to be homeless.


My couture wardrobe, furs, jewelry, antiques and art were all of little value now that I needed quick cash.  I sold a Steinway Concert Grand  and rented a smaller home, where I could transition my children, ages 4-13,  into public school, and begin to reinvent our lives.


For ten years I struggled to pay off debt and avoided bankruptcy.  We lived on cash. There were times when a choice had to be made between buying a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. We could either get where we needed to go hungry, or not go at all!


My children’s father,once a wildly successful lawyer, whose biggest decision of the day was what luxury car to drive, did not see much of our children for almost three years until our acrimonious divorce was final; and he drove into our driveway to pick them up for a visit in a Rent-A-Wreck! 


His child support payments stopped abruptly and without notice in November of 2000.  And by February, my vehicle, which he had leased, was repossessed in the wee hours of the morning.


As I navigated my children through the emotional ravages of divorce and lifestyle changes which at times put us on the brink of homelessness and hopelessness, I depended on my faith, family and friends to get us through.


In the spring of 2005, just when I was about to transition into a full-time job which would allow us to pay all our bills on time, and maybe save a little, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and side-lined for six months.  The financial devastation to our family was worse than the disease. Once again, our home went into foreclosure, but thanks to my mother we were rescued from living on the streets.


My life had lost all its glamour.  Yet in spite of my circumstances I found that by openly sharing our challenges, and through the creation of The Pink Fund, I became more compelling, attracting some of the most interesting people and opportunities into my life.


For years I have danced with the “What If’s” of fear. And I can tell you that at times it has been paralyzing, making it almost impossible to move my feet.  I was afraid  my children and I would be homeless and hungry (we found ourselves beneficiaries of the local food bank for a time) fearful  I might die from breast cancer, fearful I would not be able to get work, and ultimately fear that my life would not have made a difference.


In my closets are remnants of  those once glamorous years; a few Chanel handbags, some Hermes scarves, a couple of couture dresses (including the one in this photo) and fur coats (I thought if I was going to be homeless, I would at least be warm, so I kept  them.) reminders of the glamorous woman and mother I once was, not knowing that because of my circumstances and my choices to overcome them by investing my life in the lives of others, I would become far more glamorous than I could ever imagine.


Glamour, as it is basically defined  is often illusory, and temporary as I found out.  But real Glamour, as I discovered, comes from the light within.  A light which burns brighter when we refuse to let the challenges of our lives snuff it out.


The question then, is how can any of us not realize that each of us has the potential to be more Glamorous than we ever could imagine!


To Glamorous Moms everywhere, I raise my glass to you in a toast to a New Year of Real Glamour!


Molly MacDonald







Thank you Molly, we could not have said it better ourselves!  As mentioned above, Molly is the creator of a wonderful organization called The Pink Fund.  The Pink Fund provides short term financial aid for both men and women currently in active treatment for and recovery of breast cancer. 



As you can see, Molly has been through many challenges, at the same time, a mother of five!  Whether it was divorce, financial hardships or breast cancer, all of these challenges made Molly a stronger person and have made her who she is today.  Who is Molly you ask?  A glamorous Mom that has used her life challenges to become a positive role model, a good mother and a woman who is helping others in need.



Congratulations Molly, may you inspire all who meet and read about you and may The Pink Fund help as many survivors possible.  But, most importantly, thank you for being a positive role model, woman and mother!



To find out more about Molly MacDonald and The Pink Fund, visit www.thepinkfund.org.


Thank you to our sponsor, Voula Isakov of Andrew Marke Salon for your generosity!  Andrew Marke Salon is located at 6838 North Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills.








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