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Make an Ordinary Day Extraordinary at Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate!


Feld Entertainment’s newest ice show features the live debut of Princess Tiana from Walt Disney Pictures’ The Princess and the Frog

Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! is bringing a colossal party on ice to metro Detroit! This all-new show will feature nine magical performances February 24-28 at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

This show stars Princess Tiana – Disney’s newest princess from the film The Princess and the Frog. Not only is she the first African American princess, but she’s also the first to have a career and live in the big city.  If you would like to take your family to see this spectacular show, answer the question below in the comment field and you could win a family 4 pack of vouchers that can be redeemed for tickets!

Enter your answer now to the question:

“What do you do to make yourself feel as glamorous as a princess?”

Please provide a valid email address when posting your answer.  Contest ends on Sunday, February 14th!

 Good Luck!


  1. As a mom of young kids, it’s rare that I find the opportunity to “feel glamorous”. However, there are times when I definitely need to get lifted out of a non-glam funk and feel more “princessy”. On a pretty tight budget, it can be tough. The best way to feel more on top of it is to schedule some kind of beauty appointment. Getting my hair cut and colored, or an eyebrow arch works best. In the warmer weather, I’d also opt for a mani/pedi, which instantly makes me feel more polished (literally!). When I really can’t splurge, with time or money, I run to Target and grab the latest cosmetic I’ve been reading about in all my magazines. And when I’m REALLY in need of some mommy glamour, I’ll buy a new top, throw on some jewelry, and make my hubby take me out for some great dinner. It doesn’t always have to cost money, it’s really a state of mind. Taking the time to get ready for an evening out, and pulling out something other than mommy clothes will typically do the trick.

  2. Samantha L.

    I usually wear my favorite heels. Whether I am wearing jeans or a dress, wearing my heels always makes me feel glamorous!

  3. Kristen

    Mommy life is very hectic at times and just getting a shower in is a luxury. To take time out for myself, I send the kids to Grandma’s or have their daddy take care of them and I sneak away for a quiet bubble bath. The bubbles, the aroma of the candles and the SILENCE is priceless!

  4. Kelly

    I get a blow out from my hair dresser. I have naturally curly hair and when I visit my salon for a great blow out, my hair is straight and shiny and sexy! I love it! Nothing makes me feel more glamorous!

  5. Kara

    I get dressed up. It works! As my 3 year old has pointed out, “Princesses always wear dresses!” It is great change of pace to dress up for an ordinary day, rather than waiting for a special occasion. I put on my favorite heels, a nice dress, and make up. II know I’ll feel better about myself and my day, even if my big plans are just to vacuum the living room. It makes me feel glamorous, in a retro (remember the 1950s ads) sort of way. And when I dress up, I try to remember to take pictures, so I have them to remind me how I can look when I’m feeling less than my best.

  6. I chair a non-profit 501(c)3 which enables under served and uninsured women in Oakland County to receive a free mammogram and a free screening via St. Joseph Mercy Oakland. We have one fundraiser a year, the second Saturday in September. My committee people include 8 breast cancer survivors plus myself. Last year we made enough money to support four breast health clinics at St. Joe.

    If you could see my smile when all these women tell me how greatful they are for such an organization, you would know I am glamorous. One woman left, came back, and gave me a check for $54, that’s one/half the price of a mammogram using medicare guidelines.

  7. Angie

    As a mommy of two children under 4 with another one on the way, making the time to feel glamourous is a tough one! The key is MAKING the time. I still go for regulare pedicures. When my toes are painted, even when I am the only one who sees them in the winter, I still feel pretty! My husband buys me spa gift certificates for most hoilidays and just spending a few hours on myself makes me feel better. I come home rejuvenated and feeling like a princess. I love to be pampered! On a daily basis my son tells me that I am the prettiest mommy. That always makes me feel like a princess!

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