Advanced airbrush tan

Now equal to  tobacco, Hep B virus, mustard gas and chimney sweeping, tanning beds are no longer a probable cause of cancer  but a definite one.  Especially true for those under the age of 30, “fake tanning” exposes your skin to 12 times the amount of ultra-violet rays compared to the sun. All the while, airbrush tanning is taking over the tanning industry because it is proven to be safer for your skin in comparison to tanning in a tanning bed.

In previous articles, we’ve mentioned how competitive Advanced Body Care’s prices are in the area. Not only are they the cheapest in town for a Brazilian wax (just $50) but now they also have airbrush tanning for the low, introductory price of just $25.  By adjusting the depth and color of the tan according to their clients liking and natural skin tone, their technician will apply a beautiful and natural looking tan in a matter of minutes.  If your worried about your skin looking orange, don’t, the airbrush colors are soft and as natural as can be. 

So, instead of heading to the “tanner” for color, head to Advanced Body Care for a natural looking tan that’s safer for your skin. Advanced Body Care is  not only competitive in pricing but is also competitive in keeping their clients the happiest they can be.

Advanced Body Care of Rochester is located at 1100 W. University Drive, Rochester.  Call now to make an appt 248-650-5372.

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