Beauty Tip of the Week 2/22

If your one who normally tans in a tanning bed before your next big occasion or vacation, don’t.  Recently we posted an article about how bad these tanning beds really are for you and we weren’t lying!  It has been proven that tanning beds expose your skin to 12 times the amount of ultra violet rays than the natural sun. Especially for those who are under the age of 30, “fake tanning” ages the skin and puts you at greater risk for skin cancer.

Think of all the beauty products we buy to stay beautiful and young looking. Women have no problem, working out to stay physically fit, we wear make up to look beautiful and spend lots of money on the latest fashion to look fabulous, so why “fake tan” and ruin all that we’ve worked so hard for? 

We recommend a beautiful air brush tan to give you that healthy glow! It’s true women feel thinner and more beautiful with a touch of sun-kissed color, just do it safely! There’s nothing more beautiful then beautiful skin!

Photo: Courtesy of Advanced Body Care of Rochester, airbrush tan is ONLY $25, call now to make your appointment 248-650-5372

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