Couni Young a local inspiration

Couni Young, a Hollywood wardrobe designer, is a local inspiration and a true talent located right here in Metro Detroit.  A Mother of two boys, ages 8 and 10, Couni has the energy and positive motivation to juggle family life, her own business and the expectations of Hollywood, all without breaking her stride.

Couni was a trauma nurse for close to 17 years who once worked at Cedars Sinai, Huron Valley and Providence Hospitals to name a few.  She was always the type of nurse that was on the ball and quick to save lives.  On the  well known day of September 11th, Couni was travelling back home from the Toronto Film Festival. After hours of travelling and being held up in traffic at the Michigan – Canadian border for quite some time, she then proceeded to “punch in” to her regular day job as a nurse that very same afternoon.  She was handed a very ill and pale 3 mo old infant.  Because she was on the ball and well into her job, she was responsible for discovering the baby’s tumor and had a hand in saving the infants life. 

 That very same day, Couni realized she had to make a decision.  Shopping and collecting clothes, as well as dressing top Hollywood stars was fun and exciting.  Being a nurse and saving lives was honorable and rewarding but to do both, was challenging.

Couni decided to take a break from the nursing and wholeheartedly started her own business, Go Go Wardrobe Pro, as a Hollywood wardrobe designer. When we asked her which job was her passion, she revealed she has not just one passion, but many.  “If it feels right, I go with it, if it doesn’t, I move on.”  Well said.  We told you she was an inspiration!

Couni is now known as a Hollywood wardrobe designer! Go Go Wardrobe Pro is the name of Couni’s business and her way to give back to Detroit.  It is known that once the Hollywood studios set their contract with their wardrobe designers, most of them will pay for their kits and ask for a certain percentage back. Instead of doing this, Couni has found a way to build her own kit and has created her own mobile wardrobe collection, having everything necessary to dress and style an entire movie cast.  By having her own Vintage clothes, sewing machines, hangers, racks, ironing boards, and many other helpful pieces in her kit, Couni saves the studios money and becomes a very marketable wardrobe designer at the same time.  She also gives back to her own community by donating some of the clothes, once used in her movies, back to her local Salvation Army or Purple Heart services.

With the help of her family, Couni is a true Glamorous Mom that holds it all together at the same time finding time for one of her many niches and making a name for herself.  Let her be an inspiration to all the Moms out there that have the urge to find their niche. Couni is the perfect example that you don’t have to have just one, you have the ability to be successful at many! Keep an eye out for this Metro Detroiter, we have a feeling you’ll be hearing much more about her!

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