Beauty Tip of the Week! 3/8

Ever wonder how our ladies of Hollywood always look so perfect in their evening gowns at award shows?  It’s quite realistic to realize not every woman is the same size, nor are two women shaped the same.  So how do they fit into the most beautiful gowns and the most feminine fabrics without the “muffin top” look at the waist or pantylines from behind? Duct tape!

Hollywood wardrobe designer, Couni Young told us if you place duct tape in the most precise way and wrap it around your body, you too can keep it all together to fit into your evening gown, just like Hollywood’s most famous starlets.  Instead of spending lots of money on undergarments that show lines anyway, simply use duct tape to smooth out curves and to hold everything up and in.  It’s the cheapest and the most common secret in Hollywood!

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