April Mom of the Month!

Congratulations to Lisa Caretti! Lisa is our April Mom of the Month!

Lisa has won a Couples Suite Package worth $495.00 from D. Tour Spa at the MotorCity Casino! (This is a D.Tour Couples Suite: Spa Couture for couples gift!) MotorCity’s ultra-private couple’s two-room suite begins with their choice of D.TOUR Scrubs to awaken the senses. Lisa and her husband will enjoy a private soak together in the illuminated hydro-therapy tub. Then D. Tour Spa will apply their MotorCity MUD, then enjoy a rinse in their Double Rain Dance Shower! The package will end with the MotorCity Music Couple’s Massage!

Lisa’s name was submitted by a close friend who would like to remain anonymous. A friend who thinks she is amazing and strong and who wants to thank her for being so inspiring!  Lisa is a mother of three who has inspired those around her, including other Moms, by her friendliness, kindness and ability to push forward during a particular trying time. In 2009  her son Joey was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time he was diagnosed, Joey was just 9 years old. Joey was swimming at a family member’s home when he became ill. When Lisa got the call, she drove to him right away only to find him unresponsive. Once the EMS arrived at the scene, Joey had stopped breathing. We are told, Joey is a strong little boy who was very lucky and the doctors were successful in removing the tumor with surgery. Every six months for the rest of his life, Joey will have to have MRI’s to make sure the tumor does not come back. Today, Joey is a happy, healthy young boy with a proud Mom who was strong enough to stay positive and push through this obstacle with a great amount of strength and love.

Lisa not only is a proud Mom of three who helps run her family business, she also is the author of her book titled, “A Whistle in the Dark,” and has recently started her own charity called, The Healing Nest. The Healing Nest provides ongoing, free massages to women suffering from cancer and for Moms of really sick children. Having first hand experience of taking care of a seriously sick child, Lisa knows the stress and heartache these women endure and has found a way to give back and help them. The massages are comforting and relaxing, giving those who are suffering a chance to enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

Congratulations Lisa and thank you for being such a wonderful example to those around you!  You are truly inspiring!

Thank you to our sponsor, D. Tour Spa,  for awarding our winner with such a  generous spa package! D.Tour Spa is located at the MotorCity Casino and Hotel, 2901 Grand River Ave, Detroit. To make reservations at the D. Tour Spa, call 313-237-8459.

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