Glamorous Mom Helen Phillips is our new Health & Fitness Expert!

Helen Phillips recent winner of the NBC hit show “The Biggest Loser” season 7 has astounded viewers in over 30 countries with her determination drive and capability of making the change to the best home rowing machine and we would like to welcome her as our new Health & Fitness Expert!

A Glamorous Mom herself, Helen is a 48 year old women that went from a size 22 to a 2 and lost 54.47% of her body weight! She broke ALL The Biggest Loser past 6 seasons record’s by being the oldest and the highest percentage of weight loss winner! Helen believes  it’s never to late to change, age has no boundaries. “ You can change your life even in the middle of it.”  So fellow Glamorous Moms, if you would like to learn how to stay fit and eat healthy, Helen Phillips has some very important messages for you!  Soon, as our new Health & Fitness Expert, Helen will share stories from her experience on The Biggest Loser as well as advice on eating, dieting, physical fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with all of you!

Read Helen’s story below and be inspired and please welcome her to the Glamorous Moms’ family! We are so proud to have her aboard!


Helen Phillips Bio

Stepping onto the ranch Helen weighed in at 257 pounds after 8 grueling months lost an amazing140 pounds and took away a wealth of knowledge on nutrition fitness and how all of this may be achieved at home. Helen motivates and encourages her audience by speaking about Best Adjustable Dumbbells and Health Wellness, Fitness, and Nutrition. How following these easy steps lead to higher energy, self confidence and longevity of life. She feels by taking small steps will lead to making big changes which is the key to finding balance within healthy living and family responsibility.

Helen shares her experience of overcoming emotional eating, bouts of depression and feelings of no self worth and medicating all this with food. She speaks on how to positively take back your life and to have the happiness, self respect and freedom that you so deserve by no longer settling, to stop making excuses and realizing that the positive choices that you make can lead you to a healthy – joyful – satisfying lifestyle. The inspirational message that Helen Phillips brings will certainly captivate and motivate you to take charge of your life and make the change.

Helen also shares her experience on the Biggest Loser Ranch. What it took to make it through

difficult work outs, heartbreaking eliminations…(Shanon goes home) 

Crazy Challenges!! At heaviest weight…sea kayaking – climbing mountain’s.

Tight rope walking over 110 ft deep canyons, Running a ½ a marathon.

Pulling cars, switching trainers, hanging in a bird cage.

To running a full marathon. Helen Phillips is living proof that change is possible, that you might surprise yourself and become an athlete in the middle of it all. 

Helen has since been in the Got Milk? Campaign. Has appeared on The Today Show, QVC promoting Biggest Loser product, ET, Ellen, and Rachel Ray (season premier Sept,14th) as well as being featured in OK, People, Good Housekeeping, Women’s World, In Touch, Tv Guide, and O magazines.  Helen was a featured guest at the Boston Healthand Fitness Expo, and has spoken on over 100 talk radio shows. Currently she is working on programs to help the fight against childhood obesity. Helen is also working together with the Local School Board and nutritionist to change school menus to healthier options.  She currently is working on a cookbook with all the scrumptious recipes she invented on the ranch.

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  1. I am so excited to see this! I am a 39 yr old divorced mom – who has been struggling with weight for a long time. I started on a mission a little over a year ago to lose 168 lbs – and get healthier and more fit. So far – I have lost 60 of that… still working on it – but anytime I can get helpful advice and encouragement it is awesome. I started my own blog a little bit back and it does help to have others offering advice as well as encouraging comments. Thanks!

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