Beauty Tip of the Week 5/17

It’s important to wear a foundation that matches your natural skin color.  To decide on the right color, make sure you do a color test across your jawline to help you decide which one is right for you.  Test  three colors by adding a pea size amount of each color along side each other.  Once they are applied to your skin, it will be easy to see which one is too light, which is too dark and which is a perfect match.  Another helpful hint is to test the colors in the most natural light possible. 

If your face becomes more sun kissed during the summer months, feel free to add a bronzer or change your foundation color overall.  It’s wise to have a couple different  color favorites for different times of the year, especially if you spend extra time in the sun. The key to wearing foundation is to make sure the color is so exact your skin  looks like your not wearing any at all, leaving your face looking flawless and beautiful.

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