August Mom of the Month

Congratulations to Susie Bunte! Susie is our Glamorous Mom of the Month!

Susie has won a wonderful gift package worth over $250 from Platinum Skincare and Spa of Chesterfield!  Our generous sponsor is providing Susie with a free massage, a dermasound facial, an express pedicure, hair cut, color & style and last but not least a free Platinum Skin Care product gift that best suits her skin type. Platinum Skincare & Spa is located at 48774 Gratiot Avenue, Chesterfield MI.

 Susie’s husband is the first husband to write in to nominate his wife.   There are times when a wife may think her husband doesn’t notice her  hard work and dedication but Brian Bunte sure does notice just how wonderful his wife really is.  Read his submission letter below.


I am writing you to nominate my wife, Susie, for the Mom of the Month
Contest.  Susie is a wonderful mother and wife.  We have three beautiful
children.  Annalise is 17 months old,  Alex is 4 years old, and Liam
is 9 years old.  Susie devotes all of her time to taking care of us and
puts our needs ahead of her own.    We made a conscious choice when we
decided to have children that it was important for her to be at home
with them.  This decision has been wonderful in terms of our family
dynamic, but difficult financially.  Susie has had to forgo getting
her hair cut / colored on a regular basis, rarely ever is able to get
mani / pedis, is not able to go shopping for new clothes, and is not
able to go out to do “girlie/glamorous” stuff in general.  She
recently discovered her second passion in the form of cake design.  In
her “spare” time long after the children have gone to bed she creates
beautiful cake art for our family and friends.  Through this art form
she is able to express her inner diva and I can see how happy she is
when she is creating.  I would like her to be able to experience being
pampered and feel as glamorous on the outside as she is on the inside.


Brian W. Bunte


Wow! What a lucky girl!  Congratulations Susie.  If there is ever a time you think it’s all too hard and you need a boost, read this letter and we’re sure it will bring a smile to your face.  Thank you for being a great role model for those around you and for being all you can be, including a true Glamorous Mom!

Thank you to our sponsor, Platinum Skincare & Spa of Chesterfield.  For more info on Platinum Skincare please visit  For more info on their Medi Spa, please visit  Products can be ordered at  1-586-598-6093 and Medi Spa appt’s can be made at  1-586-598-6075.  Platinum Skincare & Spa is located at 48774 Gratiot Avenue, Chesterfield MI.

Photo – Susie Bunte with her daughter Annalise

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  1. Thank You so much, Shannon, and Platinum Spa for the Amazing Honor! I am, indeed, a very lucky girl and know for certain, that I am rich in love for my husband, Brian and our three beautiful children!
    In the current state of the economy, I know there are LOTS of Moms AND Dads who go without to make their children more comfortable and happy, I am so blessed to be chosen among them. I only wish I knew where to enter my husband in a contest because HE’s the one who deserves the praise. I will enjoy every second of my spa day, knowing my marriage and my family are my greatest prize! Thank You Again!

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