Before applying your make up be sure to moisturize first.  Not only does a well moisturized face help the make up  blend smoothly but it also starts the skin with a healthy barrier. If you skip the moisturizing you may find it hard to blend  foundation, powder, blush etc.  You may also find dry make up patches on some parts of your face while other parts soak in the make up, leaving both dark and light spots throughout.  This is especially true for those who have combination skin.  

Next, if your someone who skips the moisturizer and foundation and heads straight for the powder, you may notice your pores more than you would like.  The powder will sit on top of the face and surround the pores instead of covering them, leaving your pores looking bigger and darker than they really are.  

Remember, applying make up is supposed to accentuate the beauty that is already there.  Moisturizing simply prepares the skin for the make up application and evens out the texture of the skin. Sometimes skipping necessary steps like moisturizing could harm your look rather than enhancing it.

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