December Mom of the Month

Congratulations to Cindy Janda!

Cindy is our mom of the month winner for December and has won over $100 worth of Bvlgari scents and body products! 

Cindy’s daughter, Erin, submitted her Mom’s name with a beautiful letter explaining why her Glamorous Mom should win. Get your Kleenex ready ladies, this daughter’s love for her Mom is sure to make you tear up.

My Mom has given me the gift of unconditional love and that has provided me with a strong foundation to be a good mom to my kids.  It sounds so simple when I write it, but it has been so powerful.  She’s the person I can go to about anything at anytime, and I know she’ll be there for me, always.  My Mom has also taught me about the importance of integrity and honesty, not only by words, but by actions.  She is the kind of person who does the right thing even if it’s not easy.  She has always put my needs and the needs of my brother ahead of her own.  I realize the sacrifices she made as a mother more now than ever.  She didn’t have a lot of help when we were growing up because my dad worked a lot of hours and often a second shift.  She did a lot on her own, and her spirit of independence is a huge inspiration to me. She is now retired and getting back in touch with herself.  I wanted to do something special for her because she is an incredible person and has been so giving of herself. She has taught me what true, unconditional love is, and for that I am grateful. Our family might not be perfect, but I know that no matter what, I am loved. As I get older, I realize what a gift that is because not everyone has that foundation.

Erin Rawlings


Thank you Erin. And, Thank you Cindy! Cindy, thank you for being a true Glamorous Mom. Giving the right foundation and love to your daughter has truly been an inspiration to her and in return this amazing young woman is taking what you have taught her and is passing it on to her beautiful children. Hopefully this family love, support and independence will carry on and on. 

As Moms we have to understand how VERY important it is to give a strong foundation for our kids.  A proper foundation is key in raising happy and  healthy  individuals.  Us Moms have the ability to change the world, one happy child at a time.

We would like to thank Bvlgari for sponsoring our Glamorous Mom of the month!  Sponsors like you help keep this wonderful program going.  If nothing else, our sponsors help make a Mom feel special and appreciated.  That’s what it’s all about….

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  1. How wonderful! Congratulations.

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