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The Holiday’s are once again upon us and we all are about to face the temptations of grandma’s homemade cookies and sugary holiday cocktails at our favorite Holiday parties. Don’t fret, there is hope. We do not have to gain that dreaded 10 pounds during this festive season that so many of us usually do.

When we gather with family members and are tempted with an overload of diet sins from cakes to a 7 course feast, we almost feel obligated to eat as much as we can and have the bad habit of saying, “Oh…. it’s only once a year it’s Christmas!” Remember, we don’t need to be on a diet. We need to make a lifestyle change and the Holidays are a good time to start.  Making  a commitment to this life style change and  making good choices everyday, when it comes to diet, is crucial to your success. This doesn’t mean that you can never have the slice of cake or that you can’t have grandma’s cookies, it simply means we have to make smart choices.

Holiday foods are always a temptation. A good way to join in on the fun is to take some of your treasured  family recipes and  recreate them with healthier options. Make simple swaps such as truvia for sugar, whole wheat flour for white flour, and instead of using the whole egg use egg whites only. With these simple changes, you’ll cut calories and still enjoy your traditional favorites.

As for the favorite cocktail parties, it’s crucial to watch how many cocktails we consume while combining them with  Holiday eats. Stay away from the creamy ice cream drinks and the high calorie mixers and stick with clear alcohol which has zero calories. One can also use water or club soda with lemon and/or lime as a mixer.  These are better options than sugary choices.  Remember to always drink responsibly. If your not into alcoholic drinks, there’s nothing wrong with  sipping on a glass of club soda with lemon or sparkling water. When attending your favorite gathering, contribute to your party hosts food spread by bringing a healthy dish to pass. If there is simply nothing there that you feel you can eat you have your own healthy dish that you and others may enjoy. 

Enough about food, lets not forget about the work outs! It is getting colder out and walking outside in the cold does burn more calories…but I have found that most of the malls open very early. Pack your check book and walk the mall for an hour before the stores open, you can really burn the calories while window shopping as well! If your not interested in going to the mall, take the family outside for fun outdoor activities.  Get the kids away from the video games, ask your husband to find his ax and visit a local tree farm and cut down a fresh Christmas tree. Then play tag among the trees with the family. Other outside activities that help burn calories is sledding, cross country and downhill skiing, ice skating or making  a snowman.  The point is to get outside and get moving.  Make the lifestyle change fun for yourself and your loved ones.  You’ll be a happier mom and your kids will have fun too!

Remember I am always here for you.  I have been through the struggles of losing weight myself and guarantee I understand how hard it is to make a change.  Leave me a message and let me know how your doing or ask  questions in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

I wish you and your family a Season filled with love, happiness and good health! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Helen Phillips

Photo – Glamorous Moms Editor, Shannon Lazovski & Helen Phillips at the 2nd Annual Athletes Adopting Families for the Holidays Event 2010

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