Mom Acne

It’s bad enough we have to go through puberty and experience acne and skin changes during our teens years, now we have to fight blemishes during our adult years too?  As adults and moms, we often feel like we should be exempt from pimple anxiety because of our age, yet we too experience hormonal changes like we did in high school, only our hormonal changes are due to pregnancy and childbirth,  not puberty.  Adult/mom acne can be caused by excess oils, a slow cell turn over rate and hormonal changes. All three of these can lead to clogged pores causing enough nasty blemishes to ruin your day.  Don’t be afraid to speak to your dermatologist and get yourself on a daily beauty regimen to keep your skin clean and healthy.  After giving birth, your body will go through many changes and most of them, including acne, can be managed. For the most part, your doctor will prescribe a skin product or products with Salicylic acid that is used to eliminate sebum that can clog pores and cause pimples to form. Once your doctor does his/her part in prescribing the right products for you, you then must keep your end of the deal and keep up with your daily regimen in the morning and at night.   Acne can not be cleared over night so be patient and stick to your routine, avoid nasty pinching and take days off from wearing make up to let your skin breathe.  If you stay disciplined and have the right products, beautiful skin will come in no time and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful mom glow again!

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