Dressing your Truth by Carol Tuttle

As Glamorous Moms’ readers many of you already know we stand strongly behind the idea that every mom is beautiful.  We have taken pride in celebrating the natural beauty of all women no matter age, size or looks.  Through fashion, beauty and health & fitness regimens, we trust you have gotten our message that no matter what,  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  With that being said let us introduce to you our newest sponsor, Carol Tuttle.  Tuttle is the author of Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile.  Through her recent book and beauty profiling program, Tuttle has changed the lives of thousands of women just by teaching them to acknowledge their inner beauty first before they  focus on their outer beauty.

For years, starting in the teen years, women have been disappointed and unhappy with themselves all because the latest fashion trends don’t suit their body type or their weight and height doesn’t fit within industry standards.  Well, Tuttle’s program teaches you the skills to know what  type of clothes look best on you  and getting you in touch with your intuitive side to help celebrate who you really are and what makes you happy in your own beautiful skin.

This book is a “must read” book for women of all ages.  Whether your a mom trying to get back into your hot jeans, a woman going through a mid life fashion crisis or a young girl that’s looking for satisfaction and contentment with herself, Carol Tuttle’s “Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Profile” is exactly what you need to boost you in the direction of inner happiness.  Women crave to be happy but most importantly, they also crave to be beautiful, won’t you take a step to be confidently both?  We knew you’d say yes! Go ahead, give it a read, you won’t be disappointed.

Carol Tuttle has 20 years experience as an alternative psychotherapist and is a Glamorous Mom herself having five children.  She is also the best selling author of, “Remembering Your Wholeness” and “It’s  Just  My Nature”.  For more info on Carol Tuttle and  her glamorous message visit  www.dressingyourtruth.com

2 thoughts on “Dressing your Truth by Carol Tuttle

  1. I just found your website and love your premise and message that all women are beautiful. I totally agree. Dressing Your Truth sounds interesting too. Thanks for spreading these positive messages.

    I also want to add that I find the phrase “hot jeans”, in your sentence “Whether your a mom trying to get back into your hot jeans,” dissappointing. I think it undermines your ideal. It implies that larger size jeans are not hot. I think full size women in well fitting clothing (including jeans) look just as hot as their thinner counterparts. I oppose associating hotness with thin (or young)! Language affects us at deep not always conscious levels.

    In other words, I think “hot jeans” should refer to any size jeans that have a good cut and design, and fit attractively, thus making the body look hot!

    I hope we can become more aware of common everyday phrases that imply negative, limiting views of feminine beauty and hotness, and work consciously to discontinue using them. Your website a perfect avenue for this.

  2. Hi Mirabele,

    I appreciate your comment and love your enthusiasm. Please know that I am no way intending that larger size jeans are not hot. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and have been many sizes including a size 2, a size 18 and every size in between. I understand other women have the same problem with fluctuating weight and sizes and it’s a constant battle for us to keep our weight at a healthy range. I even have someone very close to me that is a double zero and she cannot see the beauty in gaining five pounds to keep her looking and feeling healthy. That is another end of the spectrum that is also a problem that many don’t realize.

    With the stresses of everyday life, busy lifestyles, eating habits, having children etc, it’s hard to maintain the same weight all the time. The phrase “getting back into your hot jeans” no way implies a particular size. One “hot” size may mean a size 0 for one woman and another may be a size 12 (which is usually wear my body comfortably stays) for another. Some women are very happy, sexy and not to mention beautiful, in their size 22 jeans. I don’t discriminate and I stand by my message that ALL MOMS and ALL WOMEN are beautiful. Once we learn to accept ourselves for whatever weight we are and whatever size we may wear, we will be happier individuals. I strongly believe how we look at ourselves in the mirror, how our husbands view us and how the people in our lives view us and make us feel is extremely important. In order to accept ourselves we must first be happy with what we see in the mirror, second we must surround ourselves with people who love us just the way we are, third, we must make sure we are taking care of ourselves to keep our bodies healthy in return giving ourselves the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

    I must also say, women gain weight during pregnancy (as they should) and many have a goal to get rid of the access “baby fat” after the baby is born. By implying “whether your a mom trying to get back into your hot jeans” I am writing to those individuals who are eager to lose their excess baby weight they gained during pregnancy. I am a mom of two and I can tell you it can be a struggle to at least get back to your previous size post pregnancy.

    I also agree, I hope society can become more aware of common everyday phrases that imply negative, limited views of feminine beauty and hotness. But as individuals, we have to be careful how we read into blogs and messages. We have to believe in ourselves and love ourselves just the way we are. I aim to please all of my readers no matter their size, weight or shape. This website was created to celebrate all women. I hope you will continue to join our mission in celebrating all women too. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing!


    Shannon Lazovski

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