15 in 1 miracle hair treatment


As a professional stylist, I come across TONS of products every year that state how amazing they can make your hair. Not every one of these products’ claims end up being true. One product on the market that I’m in love with is Black 15 in 1 miracle hair treatment. It’s new to the beauty industry and only sold in select salons (3 oz. retails for $10 and a 6 oz. retails for $20). It’s amazing for so many reasons beyond the 15 miracles it claims and is great to use on many different hair types, including thick wavy hair, fine/limp hair or curly hair.

To use, here are my suggestions: 

  • For thick wavy hair, I recommend spraying it evenly from the root to the tip on wet/damp hair and then combing through for even distribution. After, dry it smooth with a large round brush and blow dryer. The result is super soft, supple hair with no fly-aways. You can even flat iron for a super-high shine look.
  • On fine/limp hair, I suggest spraying on wet/damp hair from the root to the tip and blowing dry. Again, the look will be silky, soft and fuller, without weighing it down.
  •  For curly hair, spray on wet/damp hair from root to tip and scrunch curls with your hands for desired curl definition with no frizz. And, miraculously, your hair should withstand humidity all day long.

 I use this product on most of my clientele with spectacular results. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Kari Boetsch

Kari Boetsch is the owner of Posh Hair and Makeup Studio, a full service salon located at 239 N. Main St. in dowtown Milford, Michigan. For more information, visit www.posh-studio.com.

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