Get your floppy on

We’d like to say floppy hats are a new trend for Spring, but honestly there’s nothing new about them.  Floppy hats originated from the 19thcentury and are still going strong.  Several fads and trends have replaced the floppy from time to time but now, for Spring 2011, floppy hats are more feminine than ever and just as popular. Floppy hats come in wide and narrow brims, several colors and sophisticated fabrics.  This hot accessory is a versatile piece and can be worked into most current wardrobe trends.  The wide brim floppy hat is the most popular and will be seen more often at the pool or beach for protection against the suns harmful rays.  On the runways, designers are dressing their floppy hat ensembles with high waisted jeans, over sized sunglasses and weaved platform wedges.  Much like the seventies, this look is going to be very popular this season. 

Shopping tip – We’ve seen gorgeous floppy hats on the market in a wide variety of prices.  Whether your on a budget or like to splurge you can find a floppy hat that’s right for you at many of our favorite stores including, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Juicy Couture, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Forever 21. Most floppy’s can be worn with sundresses, short shorts, high wasted pants (as mentioned earlier), skinny jeans and leather & wool capes.  Whichever way you decide to wear it, your floppy hat is sure to bring sophistication to your look.

Photo – Hat by Forever 21, Courtesy of

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