Fashion Tape

Many times when getting dressed, there is always something wrong with our wardrobe that bugs us.  For instance a collar that won’t stay down, fallen out hem, a shirt that’s a little too revealing and so on.  Our advice? Use fashion tape.  Fashion tape can be found almost anywhere these days.  It’s usually in the little pink boxes for $5 -$6  in most check out lines.  Many of us fly past them thinking fashion tape is merely a marketing scheme but we are here to tell you it works and it’s a great use of your money!

Below are several ways your wardrobe and self confidence can benefit from using fashion tape.

  • Create false lapels on a cardigan by folding them backwards and tape the lapels to the chest of the sweater.  This works best on thinner knits and fabrics.
  • Tape the end of your belt in place so it’s not flapping in the wind.
  • Secure a wrap blouse , top or dress at the cleavage.  Most of the time showing too much cleavage is the WRONG thing to do.  Use fashion tape to secure the fabric “just so” to reveal or cover the amount of skin that makes you feel more confident and is more appropriate. Safety pins can stick you and ruin the fabric, fashion tape is a safer option.
  • Temporarily repair your skirt or pant hemline.  This is especially a great idea when you have little to no time to take your skirt or pants to a seamstress. Great for fallen hems or frayed hems.

Photo – Hollywood Fashion Tape found at, 36 double stick strips, $8.99

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