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Sometimes finding the right bra can be just as frustrating as finding the right pair of jeans.  If your a woman that has a hard time finding the right  bra, just know that your not the only one.  How do we know? Look around you. If you can see any one’s bra in the room, whether it be a strap, back strap or breasts popping out of the cup, then that’s proof your not the only one trying to figure out this bra thing.

Proper fitting bras are not just for the well-endowed, they are for everybody.  When a bra is too tight, a thinner, fit woman can look over weight and a bra that’s too big can make a woman look frumpy.  That’s why it’s very important to get properly fitted and wear what is recommended instead of what size you think you should be.

There are several “booby traps” that women tend to fall into and we have just the right solutions on how to get out of them.  If your a woman who commits bra crimes, put a stop to those bad habits now and follow these basic rules.

  • Visible straps – when wearing a tank top, halter top, tube top or any type of sleeveless top, make sure your bra straps are not visible.  There’s nothing sexy about your bra straps hanging over the shoulder. Bras are meant to be underneath the clothes and less visible.
  • Saggy breasts – over time, age, and motherhood, gravity becomes a friend of ours even when it’s not invited.  Turn back the clock with a properly fitted push up bra that lifts and holds the girls back to where they should be.
  • Back fat – oh yes, even you ladies out there that are a size 0, you can have back fat too when not wearing the right bra.  Make sure your bras are the proper size around, not just the proper cup size.  The size around is the number, such as 36 or 38, the cup size is the letter such as B or C.  It’s true these work together to give you proper lift and comfort but if the size around is too small, your going to have to start wearing a second bra, backwards for the two breasts in the back that YOU created by wearing a bra that’s too small.
  • Bra show through– take the time to invest in a neutral color bra instead of  buying white bras.  Neutral or skin tone bras blend with your skin color and are hidden better under white or neutral tops.  Choose a bra that is one tone darker than your skin and erase the “I see your bra through your shirt” thoughts in the minds around you.
  • Popping out – If your breasts are popping out of the front of the cup, your cup is too small.  Try going up a cup size.  If your unsure, try your shirt on over your potentially new bra in the fitting room to see how it looks.  This test will work best with a form fitted t-shirt. If your spilling out of the cup, that’s the first clue your cup size is too small.
  • Nipple alert – Cover up those nipples with a bra that has some cushion.  It’s confusing to us why companies even make the sheer nylon bras with see through fabric and no support.  All those do is waste your money and show your nipples to the world. Which is a BIG  “no-no”!  If your not a fan of padding, just make sure there is enough fabric supporting your breasts and concealing your nipples at the same time.  (We mustn’t forget, that’s why we need to wear bras in the first place, to conceal with class.)

Many of the booby traps mentioned above are easy to fall into.  If your unsure of your correct size, get properly fitted by an expert and take their advice.  Ask questions and make sure you feel completely informed and comfortable to continue your shopping, otherwise you’ll be back at committing those nasty bra crimes.  If your one who is uncomfortable with having a salesperson size you, you can size yourself if done properly.  We found a great site that will help guide you to a better fitting bra. Visit The Budget Fashionista and measure yourself following their easy steps.

How we look in our clothes can either make our break our mood for the day and our bra can make or break an outfit. It’s wise to start off with a properly fitted bra and underclothes first then the rest of your wardrobe will fall into place beautifully.

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