The Great Remember; a way to keep your child’s artwork

It’s so hard to throw away the many homemade cards and rainbow pictures our children make for us. It’s even harder to throw away the cute baby clothes that mean so much to us now that our children are in school.  If your anything like our Editor, you probably keep everything from your kids first scribble to your homemade Mother’s Day cards and after the piles get bigger and the kitchen drawers won’t close,  your probably wondering what to do with it all.

Well, we found a terrific solution for all of you hoarders out there! We found a Brooklyn based company through a friend of a friend’s cousin and now we must share this great company with all of you. The Great Remember will turn your children’s old clothes and art work into applique’s, frameable mosaics and lockets for your safe keeping. Check out for fun ideas! It’s the perfect way to keep your favorite’s around without the clutter.

Photo – Mother’s Square, $149,

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