Flutter away with feathers

There is nothing more lady like than wearing a skirt or dress with flowing feathers. It’s a tricky look but for the most part when the right fit and length is chosen, one can’t go wrong.  Below we have listed a few guidelines to help you look stylish instead of showgirl-ish while wearing your favorite feathered ensemble.

*Refrain from choosing a dress made with plumes from head to toe.  This is especially true if you have a fuller figure.  There is no reason to add more volume in places you already have volume.

*Make sure the feathers are paired with silk, lace or a soft neutral fabric giving a good balance to the silhouette.

*Avoid colorful plumes.  Feathered dresses and skirts should be stylishly sophisticated and not resemble a Sesame Street costume.

There you have it.  It’s quite easy to wear plumes and feathers, you just have to know how.  Remember, the important rule with any trend is to make sure you feel beautiful wearing it and feathers scream,  “I am a diva”, “I am feminine”, and “I am woman”!  When you feel those three things your definitely beautiful!

Photo – Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa dress with a feathered skirt.  Photo belongs to Charley Gallay.

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