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Whether your a college student watching your pennies for that super hot LV bag or a frugal Mom on a budget (like us), but still have that urge to buy clothes when trends hit your circle, than you might need a new shopping schedule.  A new schedule of retail sales might just be exactly what you need to stay within the trends and save money at the same time. 

Have you even wondered why the stores are getting out the Fall trenches when your finally enjoying the Summer sun?  It’s true retailers are ahead in seasons, but what we need to do as consumers is use the system to our advantage.  We’ve provided a schedule below of online sales and when they appear to help you get on track.  Maybe you haven’t noticed or maybe you have, either way, if you purchase your neccesities during the months listed, you just may be thanking us by the end of the year.  It may take some getting used to and your allowed to slip within seasons once in a while, but in the long run, your debt will be lighter and your closet fuller. We know the importance of keeping the closet full of the best digs for a fraction of the cost.  Now, who’s your best friend?

  • January  – shorts, dresses, shirts, t-shirts and jewelry
  • February – pant & skirt suits, skirts
  • March – outerwear, lingerie & intimates
  • April – slacks & dress pants
  • May – sunglasses & sun Hats
  • July – cardigans, sweaters & sweater vests
  • August – pj’s, belts, shoes & boots
  • September – jeans, handbags & clutches
  • October – swimwear, cover ups &  swim skirts

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  1. Really good to know. thanks for sharing!

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